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Tending with ambitious plan to provide essential and quality products for Animal Health Care, Globe Agrovet Ltd. was established in 2004 to improve food value and economical betterment of farmers as well as country’s development.

From the inception, Globe Agrovet Ltd. is dedicated to provide quality Feeds, Therapeutic medicines and Nutritional formulations to ensure the animal health improved in performance. Our products are produced under strict control of quality management system and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to conform the National and International Regulatory norms proudly.

Globe Agrovet Ltd. is much faster growing, which implant the company among the top 5 companies in the country. With the country’s favor, it is now in line to start export its products globally.


Globe Pharmaceutical Group of Companies Ltd. is an organization that has traversed the road to the consumer’s heart for the last 27 years. I take this opportunity to thank you, who are right now visiting this page and all the satisfied consumers throughout the globe.

Our deliberate and simplistic intention to win the consumers’ heart is a continuous process. We at Globe consistently strive to produce world class products by ensuring procurement of pure, fresh and best raw materials, place those raw materials in the state-of-the-art modern, stringently maintained machineries, perform each process with accuracy, distribute final products with the best possible precautionary arrangements and make them available at your convenience.


  • Hatchery Feed
  • Floating Telapia Nursary
  • Floating Telapia Starter-1
  • Floating Telapia Starter-2
  • Floating Telapia Starter-3
  • Floating Telapia Grower-1
  • Floating Telapia Grower-2
  • Floating Telapia Finisher
  • Floating Koi/Sing/Magur Nursary
  • Floating Koi/Sing/Magur Starter-1
  • Floating Koi/Sing/Magur Starter-2
  • Floating Koi/Sing/Magur Starter-3
  • Floating Koi/Sing/Magur Grower
  • Floating Pangus Nursary
  • Floating Pangus Starter-1
  • Floating Pangus Starter-2
  • Floating Pangus Starter-3
  • Floating Pangus Grower-1
  • Floating Pangus Grower-2
  • Floating Pangus Finisher
  • Sinking Telapia Nursary
  • Sinking Telapia Starter-1
  • Sinking Telapia Starter-2
  • Sinking Telapia Starter-3
  • Sinking Telapia Grower-1
  • Sinking Telapia Grower-2
  • Sinking Pangus Nursary
  • Sinking Pangus Starter-1
  • Sinking Pangus Starter-2
  • Sinking Pangus Starter-3
  • Sinking Pangus Grower-1
  • Sinking Pangus Grower-2
  • Sinking Fish Feed Grower
  • Sinking Feed (Milk)
  • Cattle Feed (Milk)

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