Leadership & Innovations

Since our introduction in 2002, we have been pride for our strong leadership in beverage market. We are the brand leader in energy drinks, Tiger praised this credit. Leadership is inherent with our colleagues, research to provide optimum nutrition while taste and flavor offers the innovation, which are the breakthrough of our ever fast success and growth to become market leader for all our brands. The key driving sensory of our innovation and new opportunities in the positioning and promotion of our brands are emerging of flavors and discovery of new attributives from current values.

Globe Soft Drinks and AST Beverage (Ltd.) has been growing under leadership Governance that governs the entire management system implying more productive and competitive directives to ensure the consistent quality of our products and services to the customer and partner locally and internationally.

Our leadership approach come with a firm commitment to escalate the values and spirit of the philosophy of our Group Chairman ‘’serve the people with better health and improved performance’’. In our journey, our management structure has evoked to sharpen our superior services to the people who around us; our family members, customers, dealers, and our mutual partners insisting highest attributions in quality and functions of our beverages on the marketplace with greater speed, productivity and effectiveness.