Production Capacity

With the pharmaceuticals background the company is committed to maintain highest standard of quality in production and services for our beverages introduced and will be introduced in future. Our manufacturing plants are equipped with hi-tech automated production line from European origin, which are capable to fill our beverages in assorted shape and size of PET bottle, can and any other convenient pack would be more aesthetic. Our quality control and research divisions keep high performance analytic machine and other necessary sophisticated tools and apparatus to perform world class research and quality assurance.

When started, the production capacity at GSDL plant was 10,000 liter of soft drinks per hour. The first expansion was happened in 2003, and the capacity was increased to 25,000 liter per hour. To meet the increased demands Globe has set up one new production unit under the name AST Beverage at Narayanganj city, under Dhaka Division, Bangladesh. By the extensive addition, the company takes credit for achieving the massive capacity for production of beverages. At present, we are able to produce 80,000 liter beverages per hour.

GSDL is fully dedicated to meet our export demand in addition to local demand while AST is fully occupied to feed our domestic market. The company will continue to extend the facilities with the growth of our brands, market size & share both in national and export market.