Vision, Mission


To be the leader and most innovative company in the business areas we operate, for manufacturing & distribution of high standard, life enriching products globally.


Our mission is to nourish millions of lives as the largest and most admired group of companies through keeping our products consumer centric, constantly upgrading our knowledge and expertise and always maintaining the best quality.


Values form the core characteristics of a human being. As an organism the things we do at Globe reflects our strong core values and we practice these values in every possible way.

  • We always keep our ethical standards high in every aspect of our operations.

We at Globe are committed to the culture of integrity by confirming that all the employees know what it means to behave ethically and to act in accordance with our policies and code of conduct.

  • Innovation is instrumental for the reputation Globe enjoys today.

We always look for the need gap of our consumer base and fulfill those gaps by accumulating the best technical knowhow and the latest state-of-the-art machineries & systems to deliver the best possible value.

Our approach to innovation is as open as an open sky. We make every opportunity counted to interact with the best solution providers located anywhere on the world, to minimize the technical gaps we face. Our openness to innovation puts us in a position to produce products that adds to the vitality of our consumers. The products are widely accepted and are sources of ultimate satisfaction for our ever loyal consumer base.

  • We are known by our great brands.

Our relentless thrive for building strong, meaningful and consumer centric brands, with the pre-requisite attributes put together, helps fulfilling consumer needs and gives an extra dimension to their satisfaction level. Our brand keeps their vitality high, refreshes them up and makes their life happier, enriched and nourished.

Here we are reconfirming the fact that-

‘Royal Tiger’ is the No.1 Brand in the Energy Drink Category.

‘Mangolee’ enjoys one of the topmost positions in the Mango Flavored Drink Category.

‘Tiffin’ is the No. 1 Biscuit in Chocolate Coated Biscuit category.

‘Cefix’ is the widely used antibiotic.

‘Tribac’ is a leading brand of Ceftriaxone Injection.

‘‘OP’ is well known brand for Hyperacidity management.

‘Coffeekep’ is the chocolate which was the first chocolate with coffee flavor in Bangladesh.

‘KONIA’ is the first ever Nutritious Isotonic Drink, which is the only drink in the isotonic drink category in Bangladesh.

  • Our people are our power.

We at Globe respect our people, empower them and they do wonders for all of us. We invest in our people; make sure they give their best to attain the organizational goal at every aspect. We ensure that the work environment is best suited for a maximum output. Organizational culture is employee friendly, team-oriented and focused on making a real difference.

The rewards, benefits, training and a work-life balance are ensured at Globe.

At Globe we live these values every single day.